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Greeks Make Up 11% of Global Top 0.5% of AI Researchers

The Greek government is embarking on a strategic initiative to reverse the brain drain phenomenon by enticing Greek professionals and scientists who left the country during the economic crisis to return. The ambitious goal is to achieve “brain regain.”

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Incentives to reverse Greece's brain drain

There are too many problems that young people have to face in Greece, as the latter has not been a hospitable place for many decades, and that was one of the main reasons why many young people decided to leave. This was also stressed by the Minister of State, Mr Akis Skertos, speaking to ERT channel about the brain drain and how it will be reversed.

Mytilineos - For the 3rd year it is collaborating with the organization "The Tipping Point" and leads the new generation in the labor market

Today, when the challenges and opportunities for young people are more than ever, Mytilineos continues to be by their side and help them make their dreams come true. Thus, for the third consecutive year, it continues its collaboration with the organization "The Tipping Point", implementing the eponymous experiential educational program that brings together students with their own professional standards.

  • Published in Greece
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