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FYROM retracts on Zaev comments

With a new official announcement, the FYROM government regrets if its comments were understood in any other way. This after PM Zaev spoke of "Macedonian" being taught in Greek schools, in future.

  • Published in Greece

Italian Regional Institute: Albanians are 40% of FYROM population

A report by the Italian Regional Institute in collaboration with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), notes the distribution of the population in FYROM ('R. Maqedonisë Veriore' as it calls it) and summarizes it in a table showing the percentage per cent of the population of the country with its national distinction.

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Tensions caused by conference of pro-FYROM "Rainbow" party in Xino Nero

The organization of the 3rd conference of the "Rainbow" party (Vinozito) in the village of Xino Nero in Florina in western Macedonia, caused reactions and tensions. The party's conference was announced on its website on August 27, 2018 and was held on November 11, 2018 in the village of Xino Nero in Florina.

  • Published in Greece
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