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Watch Video: The history of the greek "classico" Panathinaikos - Olympiakos

Translation By Lisa Darilis

At 1:30 pm Eastern Standard time began the Panathenaikos-Olympiakos game and New Greek T.V. has assembled a video with the best goals and top highlights of the "eternal derby" of Panathenaikos from 2003 and beyond.

Some of these derbies, like the 2004 and 2005 game, have some of the greatest turning points in sports championship history, since the two teams were very close in score, just a few moments before the competition's end. In 2004, Goumas tied the score at 2-2 for Panathenaikos and finally got the title, although the victory of the "Greens" in 2005 (1-0 with Michael Konstantinou) was thrown to the side just a few matches later, since Panathenaikos brought the two competing teams along with PAOK and AEK, losing the championship from Olympiakos. The greek "classico" returned to Leoforos for the first time since 2008 (0-0), although in 2009 and onwards, Panathenaikos took OAKA's place once again.

The Final Scores In Review

2002-2003 Panathenaikos - Olympiakos 3-2

2003-2004 Panathenaikos-Olympiakos 2-2

2004-2005 Panathenaikos-Olympiakos 1-0

2005-2006 Panathenaikos-Olympiakos 0-2

2007-2008 Panathenaikos-Olympiakos 0-0

2008-2009 Panathenaikos-Olympiakos 0-0

2009-2010 Panathenaikos-Olympiakos 0-1

2010-2011 Panathenaikos-Olympiakos 2-1

2011-2012 Panathenaikos-Olympiakos 0-1

2012-2013 Panathenaikos-Olympiakos 2-2