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AKEL Demands Cyprus Airways Transparency

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After holding a meeting today with Cyprus Airways' unions, AKEL chief Andros Kyprianou stated, "Cyprus Airways could be saved if the government was truly interested in saving it".

The AKEL leader further commented on the government, "it appears that illegal, irregular and quite paradoxical procedures have been followed, which raise serious questions as to whether these issues constitute corruption."

Kyprianou claimed AKEL would refuse revenues that the government may ask for the national air carrier, unless Cyprus Airways is completely informed and permitted to state its opinion regarding relatives decisions.

Union representative leader Petros Souppouris declared that the government is only trying to sell the airliner's logo and name, which will not secure its employees' positions or bilateral flight agreements.

The AKEL leader added, "The conclusion that can be safely drawn is that the government is making an effort to create a fait accomplis that would render selling off the company – as opposed to selling it to a strategic investor...I want to send a message to the government, that we demand full transparency on this issue."

(Source: Cyprus Mail)