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By: Yanna Darilis

Kos has been one of the most visited destinations in Greece, known as the island of the ancient Greek father of medicine Hippocrates, her endless sandy beaches, turquoise sea, luxurious 5 star hotels and recently famed for her fine dining experience.

The beautiful large island encompasses a city beach life. The people of Kos are known for their traditional Greek hospitality, and cultivation of natural resources, as well as the biking island as the local mostly use this form of transportation because of her flat land.

Kos is very easy to get to with direct international flights and many flights offered daily from Athens, as well as an organized and well maintained harbor and marina. The marina is romantic and lined with various boats that can take you on daily excursions to other amazing neighboring islands such as Patmos, Kalymnos and Simi.


The center of Kos town is a great start for visitors, where they can experience local life, admire the architecture and stroll through the ancient Greek antiquities and the remains of all cultures gathered in one area. The Venetian castle built by the Knights of Saint John, sets the stage for a delightful walk through town, the archeological museum along with many local shops, café’s and restaurants are all located around Platia Eleytherias Town Square.

Kos island has an abundance of ancient Greek and Roman ruins and many other historical monuments that are a testament to her rich history and of her significant ancient past, of various people and their cultures, that occupied the island throughout time. The architecture of the churches is quite unique, the homes and world famous ancient Greek ruins including the Asclepio (the ancient Greek Healing Centre), where the father of medicine, Hippocrates, practiced healing the sick and injured, are truly a must see for all visitors seeking a cultural vacation destination.


The island’s European awarded pristine beaches, all just minutes away and combine the natural beauty of sandy, green, turquoise, and blue waters, that are very pleasing to the eye, and a true paradise on earth. Kos has earned more than 14 flags for her clean beaches that attract over 1 million worldwide tourists annually, and is an island with the longest known length of mild coastlines in the whole Mediterranean Sea.

The island is famous for offering a variety of things to do whether seeking a lively, serene, party or secluded vacation experience.


Kos has been world re-known for many years for the many resorts and luxury Five star hotels. Many are constructed in traditional style and others are developed in the highest quality of award winning exterior and interior designs and architecture. There is an array of fine hotels and resorts for singles, couples and families to chose from.

Kos is not only well known for the coastline, but also her traditional beautiful villages that overlook the breathtaking island from above. One can visit the village of Zia, where they can take in the magnificent sunset, while enjoying a traditional local festive evening with amazing traditional local dishes along with music and dancing. Kos Town also offers a lively nightlife, with an array of restaurants and bars to hop around from.


In recent years, Kos is also becoming world re-known for her fine dining experiences, offered at the 5 Star hotels and restaurants. The world re-known awarded hotel, Albergo Gelsomino, hosted two days of a Gourmet Foodie Event, with Two Star Michelin Chef, Herve Deville. The guests enjoyed a divine Mediterranean inspired five course meal, paired with exquisite Greek wines, prepared by the acclaimed French Two Star Michelin Chef.


These type of events draw in a variety of international tourists, foodies, prominent Greeks and locals and officials of Kos, along with international and local press, who fly in just to experience the Gourmet event while they enjoy a weekend in the sun and pristine beaches.

The 5 Star Exclusive hotel Albergo Gelsomino, of the historic 1928 Italian building of Kos, has drawn the attention of world travelers and foodies, for its magnificent architecture, interior design and décor, which combines a sophisticated beach front environment and fine dining under the stars, on the newly raved about Kos “Riviera”.


Officials, many locals and the mayor of Kos, is dedicated to helping develop the island and to establish Kos as one of the top tourist destinations of Europe, by working hard to constantly upgrade the island. The Epic Hotel Group, owned by Greek-American, George Koutsos, who hails from the island of Kos, and is behind the idea of advertising the island as the “Kos Riviera”, has inspired visitors from around the world to visit Kos, Greece, by developing destinations of sophisticated -cool environments, that combine luxury and high quality designs that successfully blend with the natural environment, achieving harmony and holding gourmet events.

The beauty of the island is difficult to capture on camera, so I suggest not fussing so much with pictures, just lay back, enjoy, and take in the experience. Overall there is everything to LOVE about Kos and keep you coming back every year.


Watch on YouTube the Video of Event:

For more information about KOS, Greece : http://www.kos.gr