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Colorful "Sirmata" on Milos

Featured Colorful "Sirmata" on Milos

Looking at the naval map of Greece, the fact of the endless kilometers of coastline that cover it from end to end makes quite an impression. But whatever these kilometers are, no one can look at the map and understand the beauties that they hide. The only way to achieve this, of course, is to travel, both to mainland Greece and to its beautiful countless islands.Marinos Charalampopoulos takes us on a tour of one of the most beautiful places along this endless coastline.

And while the beaches are perhaps the strongest point of this peculiarity that we have as a country, there are small hidden "treasures" that will make you forget for a while the cool blue waters that surround them and will steal your gaze and a piece of your heart.

This is exactly what happens to every visitor, at the moment when the liner for beautiful Milos is about to reach the port of its destination.

The pandemonium of colors in the much photographed traditional fishing village of Klima will definitely steal the show, before it even starts. And while the island is ideal for endless tours that will surely enchant even the most demanding visitor, visitors will keep in mind the original image of the village with the famous so-called "Sirmata" (wires) and the beach by the sea. So when one visits Klima, only then will he be ready to leave the island feeling "full". 

And this decision will certainly not be accidental. Thousands of photographers from all over the world visit Klima to capture with their lens the two-story houses in the natural  caves of the rocks, with the brightly colored doors and windows by the sea, which give a special look to the traditional landscape of the village.

In the past, on the ground floors of houses, during the winter, fishermen dragged their fishing boats with wires inside the buildings to protect them from bad weather. As for the colors on the outside, the variety was due to the colors they used to paint and care for their fishing boats.

And Klima may be another "treasure" hidden along the Greek coastline, however it does not cease to have all those elements that will make you say that when tradition meets true beauty, the result is simply unique.