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German Press: Tribute to the paths of Andros

Featured German Press: Tribute to the paths of Andros

A tribute to Andros was published by the popular German magazine for hiking tourism, Wandern & Reisen.

"The Andros hiking network, several tens of kilometers long, is the reason why the Cyclades are on the 'map' with the best walking destinations and attract the international traveling public," he says.

The six-page tribute "travels" the thousands of readers of the magazine to the ancient paths of Andros that have been integrated in the extensive hiking network, lists maps and routes, promotes the voluntary initiatives of Andros Routes, praises the local cuisine and highlights the geographical combines wild mountain landscapes with impressive vegetation, refreshing springs, unique turquoise waters and different architectural influences. Impressed by the attraction of Andros to visitors, the travel editor who visited the island at the invitation of the Municipality, tells the story of a German hiker who fell "victim" of the charm of the destination and decided to stay permanently on the island and actively help volunteer work on the trails.

"It is a fact that the international trends in the post-covid era bring to the fore new values ​​that Andros promotes to the maximum degree. We highlight nature, history, hiking, hospitality but also human stories as integral parts of the destination ", says the Deputy Mayor of Tourism, Nikos Moustakas.