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The beautiful Kamares of Sifnos with the golden beach (vid)

Featured The beautiful Kamares of Sifnos with the golden beach (vid)

In the western part of Sifnos, in a wonderful golden bay lie Kamares, the largest coastal settlement and the gateway to the island that many call the "calm force" of the Cyclades, and Marinos Charalampopoulos gives us a taste..

It takes its name from the plethora of cave-arches that once existed on the south rocky shore of the bay, the so-called "sirmata", which were used to store the fishing boats of the boatmen in order to protect them from bad weather and conduct of their necessary repairs. Nowadays, apart from the name they gave to the settlement, these wonderful arches are not visible to the eyes of the visitor. Their place has been taken over by all those all-white houses and shops that make Kamares unique.

Hotels, restaurants, groceries, bakeries, tourist offices, cafes, patisseries, pottery, rooms for rent and all the white of the island in combination with the blue sea, will make you think that Kamares is probably the most crucial point of the island. When the ferry arrives at the port, then all the roads are filled with people and the wind becomes intense, but when it leaves, everything returns to its normal calm rhythm, a rhythm that fits perfectly in Sifnos.

In the bay of the bay, awarded every year with the blue flag of the European Union, is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the island, the beach of Kamares. Sparse virgin vegetation, golden sand and shallow cool waters spread in front of the cafes of the port and all that remains is to enjoy them with a swim.

On the north side of the bay, "Pera Panta", perched on the rocks, with an uphill path of whitewashed stairs, the church of Agia Marina gazes daily at the port and lazily waves the blue and white flag in a warm Cycladic welcome that can hardly be welcomed.