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Karpathos among the 25 most extraordinary destinations in the world

Featured Karpathos among the 25 most extraordinary destinations in the world

In National Geographic's annual established list of the world's 25 most extraordinary destinations for 2023, Karpathos (the only place from Greece) is included in the subcategory of preserving local communities.

The popular medium refers to the Dodecanese island as an amazing and beautiful place, where women-owned businesses lead the way in sustainable tourism.

The list

The extensive list includes in the same category Milwaukee, Alberta, Canada, Laos and Ghana, while 20 more destinations from Europe, Africa, America and Asia follow in the individual categories of nature, adventure, family and culture.

It was preceded by another major international award for the enchanting island of tradition by the Guardian who ranked Karpathos in first place among the 5 best unpopular islands in Europe along with islands of Ireland, Azores, Estonia, Sicily and Croatia.

Impressed, the columnist likens the peaks of its mountains to "meringue" which create an impressive backdrop behind the idyllic beaches of the island!

"Karpathos has an invaluable natural wealth which, together with the traditional heritage of its inhabitants, make up a destination that meets the expectations of travelers even outside the high season of July-August. In this direction, we are setting new promotion and development goals with an emphasis on alternative forms of tourism", explains the Deputy Mayor for Tourism of the Municipality of Karpathos, Manolis Paragyios.

The great potential of the destination in terms of the expansion of the tourist season was highlighted by a new statistical analysis of a specialized marketing company that was recently presented to the municipality's tourism working group.

According to the survey, Karpathos for September and October was ranked 3rd and 4th respectively, among all the country's airports based on the percentage increase in domestic and international arrivals, which exceeded 60% compared to last year. Additionally, its international air arrivals for October hit a 35-year record high.