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Skiathos: The sustainability of the island is the strategic compass for its tourism development

Featured Skiathos: The sustainability of the island is the strategic compass for its tourism development

The sustainability of Skiathos is a compass of the municipality's strategy for the tourism development of the island, as emphasized by the mayor of Skiathos, Thodoris Tzoumas, at a special event that took place in Athens. Specifically, he explained that the Municipality of Skiathos, in its effort to differentiate itself in tourism, but also to draw up a sustainable and modern strategy based on future trends and international standards, collaborated with the World Tourism Organization (UN Tourism), which acts as a technical advisor to municipality for the tourism industry.

It is characteristic that Skiathos was the first region in Greece to seek the scientific assistance of UN Tourism in order to develop properly in the future in the field of tourism. Recently, it even strengthened relations with the organization with the participation of the municipality in the international conference TOURISM FOR ALL organized by the World Tourism Organization, the Ministry of Tourism of San Marino and the Ministry of Tourism of Italy, on accessibility and tourism.

"We became an example, but above all we were informed about good practices internationally", emphasized the mayor of Skiathos, Mr. Thodoris Tzoumas. "The Municipality of Skiathos has integrated accessibility planning into its policy as a priority. The issues that concern people with disabilities and vulnerable social groups in general are issues of dignity and culture for our municipality."

But the awareness of the municipality does not stop here. Recently, the implementation of the Zero Waste project began with integrated actions to reduce the waste produced on the tourist day boats of Skiathos and on the beaches they visit, adopting prevention actions and optimal sorting at the source of recyclable or other materials.

In the meantime, the actions of the municipality include actions that promote alternative tourism and include the creation of hiking and cycling paths targeting the category of tourists who love to walk or cycle around during their holidays. In fact, the Municipality has been certified with the "Bike Friendly" mark since 2020. The mark is under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Environment and Energy, and the Ministry of Transport.

Statistical data

According to data collected by the municipality from the entry points of the island, in 2023, 250,000 people arrived from May to October through air arrivals from abroad and 200,000 people, mainly Greeks, arrived on the island by ship.

In 2024 the tourist season started on 1 April, earlier than any other year, with a flight from Milan, followed by a flight from Paris on 6 April.

Skiathos receives 13 flights a week from Great Britain with Jet2 and this year another 7 flights were added by EasyJet. As mentioned by the mayor of Skiathos, the island is expected to receive a total of 38 cities from 17 countries in 2024.

The arrivals of Skiathos also count the approaches by sailing boats. This will also be helped by the expansion of the marina, which from 120 berths will reach 450 berths. The project is expected to be auctioned in early 2025.