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More than 3.5 million tourists in first five months

The travel balance for May registered an increase of 3.4% in surplus recording 897 million versus 868 million during the same month in 2013, according to provisional data from the Bank of Greece.

In particular, travel receipts showed an increase in May 2014, which now includes the proceeds from cruises worth eight million euros, or 0.8%, which amounted to 1,071 million euros compared to 1,062 million in the same month of 2013.

The increase in travel receipts is attributable to the increase in arrivals by 17%, despite the average per trip expenditure decreasing by 30 euros or 5.4%.

In contrast, travel expenditures showed a decrease by 21 million or 11% (May 2014: 173 million, May 2013: 195 million).
It must be noted that the net proceeds from travel services contributed 56.6% to total net receipts and offset 61% of the trade deficit.
In the period January - May 2014, the Travel Balance showed a surplus of 1,133 million euros compared to a surplus of 1,061 million euros in the corresponding period of 2013, an increase of 6.7%.

Net receipts from travel services contributed 26.2% share in total net receipts and offset 14.6% of the trade deficit.