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Lhota attends Festival of St. Nicholas in Flushing

Translation By Lisa Darilis

Joe Lhota, New York City mayoral candidate, along with members of his campaign staff, attended the festival of St. Nicholas of Flushing, Queens on Friday.

As the elections are just three weeks away, Lhota finds his ratings lower, in the fifty percent range, over his rival Bill de Blasio, and to many New Yorkers, the replacement of Michael Bloomberg has already come to an end.

In his comments to NGTV reporters, Lhota sounded very optimistic about winning, although he's aware that the race isn't close to being over yet.

"We have three weeks until the elections. We may be behind, but you'll see at the end, victory will be ours," commented Lhota. He also did not refrain from stressing how highly he respects the Greek community, even though they supported Catsimatides in the primaries.

"I have a very good relationship with the Greek community and I highly respect them. Today (Friday) I am at St. Nicholas of Flushing, and a couple of days ago I went to another festival in Staten Island. I have communication with the Greeks of New York and you have very good food! I want to eat more," Lhota commented with his typical sense of humor.

Joe Lhota's statements and more news on his attendance of the St. Nicholas festival can be seen on Monday's edition of NGTV news.