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John Sarbanes' Campaign Claims "Oxi to Big Money"

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Congressman John Sarbanes has established the "MyVoice" Campaign that encourages Americans to claim, "My voice...does count!"

The Democratic Greek-American who serves as the U.S. House of Representative for Maryland's third district, is the leading advocator of H.R. 20, the Government by the People Act.

On Oxi Day, the Friends of John Sarbanes entity have penned the following letter to gain support for the Hellenic Congressman.

October 26, 2014

At a time when the Big Money crowd seems to call all the shots in Washington, Congressman John Sarbanes has launched the MyVoice Campaign to empower everyday citizens to say, "My voice ... does count!"

The Greeks invented democracy and it's fitting that a Greek-American Congressman is taking the lead in trying to restore democracy in our nation's capital. Congressman Sarbanes is the lead sponsor of H.R. 20, the GOVERNMENT BY THE PEOPLE ACT, which would establish a national small-donor matching system for Congressional campaigns and break lawmaker dependence on big money in Washington.

When we celebrate OXI Day on October 28th, let's show Congressman Sarbanes that we are ready to join him in saying:

OXI to Big Money! OXI to Special Interests! OXI to the Washington Insiders!

Add your voice to the MyVoice Campaign by clicking here to make a small donation in support of Congressman Sarbanes


Then forward this email onto three people who are ready to stand up for our democracy!