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Dead Newborn discovered at Victoria's Secrets in Manhattan

Translation By Lisa Darilis

A dead newborn in a black plastic bag was found being carried by two 17 year olds at the center of Herald Square in Manhattan, NY. Police officers on the scene were in dismay.

The horrible discovery was made by a security guard of the Victoria's Secret store, who suspected that the two girls were shoplifting. When the girls were questioned and searched, is was found that one of the girls was carrying a dead fetus, which was wrapped in clothes inside a plastic garbage bag.

According to the suspected seventeen year old mother of the newborn, she had given birth to a child on Wednesday, the day before the discovery, but that the baby died during childbirth. The one girl was taken to a nearby hospital, as the other was kept for questioning by the police.

The police is conducting an investigation intended to determine the cause of death of the newborn infant, alongside with how much legal responsibility falls on the 17 year old mother and her accomplice.