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“Autism: Actions Not Words!” NYC Symposium Held October 19th

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The 1st International Symposium titled, "Autism: Actions Not Words!" will take place on October 19th, at Manhattan's Tribeca Performing Arts Center.

As founder Dr. N. L. Papaneophytou describes of the event, "Love the child in front of you. Give this special child your love, encourage his and her strengths and celebrate any quirks."

The event will include Luminary University Professor Ed Tronick as the keynote speaker, while the Kyrenia Opera Chorus and Children Chorus will perform. Tickets can be purchased by calling: (212) 220-1460.

To learn more about Dr. Papaneophytou and his global autism advocacy efforts, access: http://www.newgreektv.com/news-in-english-for-greeks/health/item/14381-dr-neophytos-papaneophytou-magic-does-happen-when-we-all-work-together.