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Trump "snubs" Erdogan in New York

Featured Trump "snubs" Erdogan in New York

Frustration has seized the Turkish mission that has traveled to the United States for the 74th UN General Assembly, as - it seems - US President Donald Trump refuses to officially see his Turkish counterpart, Tayyip Erdogan.

As journalist Maria Zacharakis writes in newspaper Ethnos, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is pinning hopes for a meeting with Donald Trump to promote Turkish positions on a number of issues, as the US president and ambassador do not want a meeting with the Turkish president, as today the well-known and acclaimed Turkish journalist and writer Murat Getkin leaked.


We should note that in the White House briefing on Friday, it was announced that Mr Erdogan is NOT included in the leaders that will meet on a bilateral level with Mr Trump. The main problem seems to be the Turkish President's threats to invade northern Syria.

As the Turkish journalist characteristically quotes, whose sources are rarely disputed: "When it became clear last night that Tayyip Erdogan would not be among the leaders the US president will formally see at the UN General Assembly, the only hope for a meeting is Donald Trump is a meal to be hosted on September 25 by the Turkish-American Council. "
The phone call last night between Erdogan-Trump raised many questions when, in just a few hours / days - as Ankara at least said - the Turkish president would meet with the US president to open the whole spectrum of issues from Syria, weapon procurement and the eastern Mediterranean.

So the question arise. "Why was this phone call made before a meeting and what was said?" The question didn't take long to resolve. A few hours after Republican Senator Lindsey Graham's meeting with the Turkish president to convey Donald Trump's message on the S-400s and F-35s, there was a phone call between the two presidents to notify him - apparently - that Donald Trump can't meet - officially at least - with Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

All hopes on the 'Cipriani' According to ETHOS, details indicate that the two leaders will meet but unofficially for a half hour at least, before a Turkish-American Council dinner at the 'Cipriani' restaurant in New York. Despite Turkey's diplomatic efforts for a formal meeting, Trump only agreed to meet him at the Cipriani restaurant for half an hour.
And after they talk, without the presence of journalists, they will both enter the main hall of the restaurant with the guests, where Donald Trump, after addressing those assembled with a small speech, will leave without having dinner, because he has another much more important obligation.