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US ambassador George Tsunis: I lost 39 kilos with Greek food in 1.5 years

Featured US ambassador George Tsunis: I lost 39 kilos with Greek food in 1.5 years

US Ambassador George Tsounis gave a different, more relaxed interview w to Stamatina Tsimtsilis and ALPHA channel


"It was not only a lifelong dream of mine to serve my country, but it was also the happiest two years of my life living in Greece and living among Greeks," he said and explained that although his parents were born in Greece, they immigrated to the US and were working class people, his father a waiter and his mother a seamstress. "My parents taught me to respect everyone," he said and explained that his favorite memories are from his visits as a child to his village of Platanos. As he said, his parents grew up in the village of mountainous Nafpaktia subject to poverty, in the mountains that had no electricity or running water.

"My dad talked to me about honor, filotimo and the way we should behave," said Mr. Tsounis. "The first memory I have of my mother was her saying I don't care if I have to clean toilets so I can send you to school," he said at another point.

George Tsounis: How he lost 39 kg in 1.5 years

At another point in the interview, the US ambassador to Greece revealed his "secret" behind his weight loss. As he said "I lost 39 kilos with Greek food" in 1.5 years eating salads, soups and fish and cutting out sugar and flour.

Finally, Mr. Tsounis spoke about the Greek origin of his wife who has relatives in Lamia. As he even said the secret of his marriage "is her incredible patience".