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A Call to Stop Social Media Demands by Employers in New York

Translation By Lisa Darilis

Members of the City Council of New York City will propose a law to put a stop to employersʼ excessive screening of perspective and current employeesʼ social network accounts.

It was stressed that the issue did not only focus on simple "friend requests by an an employer or boss to an employee, but on more serious accusations that employers demanded to get employeeʼs personal password to their Facebook or other social network accounts, in order for them to screen their activities on these networks.

Democratic Council Member Annabel Palma of District 18 in the Bronx proposed this bill to be voted on in the City Council. She stated that although these accounts are on many levels public, they also contain a lot of personal subject matter. No oneʼs job should be at stake, because they choose to keep their social network information private.

New York City is not the first U.S. city with this issue at hand, as it is also being debated on in other U.S. states. No one knows whatʼs intended for New York Cityʼs globally broad employment market, but this decision could bring about a serious effect on it.