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Cypriot Committee of Missing Persons Pledges to Fully Inform Afflicted Families

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The Greek-Cypriot representative on the Committee on Missing Persons Nestoras Nestoros stated that the families of missing Greek-Cypriots must be appropriately briefed about the status of their relatives, to CNA.

Nestoros added that his Committee has an ethical responsibility to offer them any and all facts that the CMP archives hold.  Nestoros confirmed that approximately 73 Greek citizens have been missing since the island's 1974 Turkish invasion.

The Committee delegate met with families last month, when he realized that relatives don't have a full understanding of the facts at hand. The Committee on Missing Persons representative commented to CNA, "We will attribute particular importance to each and every case of Greek missing person".

Nestoros promised to offer afflicted families a comprehensive understanding on the Committee on Missing Persons' information that is held in its archives, in addition to governmental archive facts.