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Ryanair Expresses Renewed Interest in Cyprus Airways

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Discussions concerning the sale of Cyprus Airways has begun between Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O'Leary and Cypriot representatives.

In addition to Ryanair, Aegean Airlines and Romania's Blue Air have expressed interest in the national airline, along with 18 other air companies. Ongoing meetings between Cyprus and businesses looking to acquire the debt-ridden air carrier, will occur until next Friday.

At a Dublin press conference, O'Leary voiced Ryanair's renewed interest in Cyprus Airways, "We are engaged in the process and hope something will come of it. It's a very political process down there,", as reported by CNA.

Ryanair's proposal mandates that Cyprus Airways would maintain its brand. O'Leary commented that Ryanair has the potential to increase the airlines's travel figure to 3 million annually, compared to its current amount of 600,000 passengers.