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NGTV Coverage of Venizelos' UNGA Address (Video Below)

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New Greek TV covered Greek Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos' address to the Plenary of the 69th United Nations General Assembly session, that can be viewed in the video below by scrolling to the very bottom of the page.

The Hellenic leader offered his speech at UN headquarters in New York City, and focused on the world's most serious challenges. Venizelos stated that, "Greece remains fully dedicated to the goals of the United Nations Organization, the universal ideals of which have never ceased to inspire us. I take this opportunity to underscore that my country is fully in line with the EU positions that the President of the European Council set out in his speech".

The Greek Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister repeated the nation's full support of the UN and its improvement, "We reiterate our support for the efforts to reform the UN, including the Security Council, so that the Organization can better adapt to the constant shifts of our time and strengthen its operational nature and effectiveness in the exercising of preventive diplomacy".

Venizelos spoke on climate change concerns, the Ebola epidemic, global security, EU and UN collaborations, the crises in Ukraine, the Israeli-Palestinian Ceasefire Agreement, ISIS, Cyprus, refugees, and the FYROM name dispute, among other international issues.

The Greek Foreign Minister concluded his speech by stating, "Challenging times require demanding choices. The UN is in a position to tackle the new challenges, as it has so often done in the past, provided we all share the same vision and, most importantly, the necessary political will. I thank you for your attention". New Greek TV's segment can be watched at the very bottom of this article.