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UN Panel Discussion on Transgender & Society coordinated by NewGreekTV president

Featured UN Panel Discussion on Transgender & Society coordinated by NewGreekTV president

At the end of June, NewGreekTV president Yanna Darilis coordinated a UN panel discussion on Transgender & Society, an issue that has risen to the forefront on recent years as people of the LGBTQ community seek to become socially accepted as their preferred gender.


When a child is born the doctor distinguishes whether it is a boy or girl. In recent decades, however, it has become more prevalent that some children appear to grow into characteristics of the opposite or neither sex. What is Transgender and the modern nature of sexual orientations? Are parents or society understanding of them and their needs? Are we knowledgeable enough to offer them a healthy, safe, environment so they can bloom into their beings? These are the topics the United Nation’s SRC SaluS Club panel discussion will tackle and present on Transgender and Society. 
The world and humans alike on this planet, are evolving at a fast pace, and as our global society lives amongst each-other, more awareness needs to come to light about each-other. This panel discussion’s intention is focused on introducing, defining, and expanding our ideas in understanding more about the transgender population, in order to extinguish discrimination and hate, and to embrace and support the needs of all people, in order to strive in making our communities a happier, healthier place to live, and promote more peace, harmony, and understanding in today’s society. 
The panel of distinguished guests include Dr. Leonid Poretsky, a leading researcher and scientist in medicine and Director of Endocrinology of Northwell, Lenox Hill hospital, will explain the many misconceptions about the Transgender community and enlighten us about the nature of these people, and changes taking place in human's sexual orientation as we enter a new era in this new Century. 
Transgender people are defined as people that have a different gender identity, from the one they are born with. Transgender people that desire to transition from their birth gender to the opposite gender, are called trans-sexuals. There are also other people who are considered transgender, that want to cross dress to the opposite gender. The panel will discuss the independent sexual orientation of Trans-gender’s while presenting research and exploring the characteristics "that do not fit typical binary notions of male or female bodies" of some humans.  
Deeangelys Colón, BA, Program Coordinator, Gerald J. Friedman Transgender Program for Health and Wellness, Northwell Health 
Kelly McBride Folkers, MA, Research Associate, Division of Medical Ethics, NYU School 
of Medicine 
Rabbi Jo Hirschmann, BCC, ACPE, Director, Spiritual Care and Education, Mount Sinai Beth Israel 
Noah Lewis, Esq., Executive Director, Transcend Legal 
Peter Meacher, MD, AAHIVS, FAAFP, Chief Medical Officer, Callen-Lorde Community Health Center Downtown 
Peggy Pelonis, M.D., Psychotherapist, Author, Vice-President American Community Schools, Athens, Greece 
Shervin Shadianloo, M.D., Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Gerald J. Friedman Transgender Program for Health and Wellness, Northwell Health 
Nicole Sweeney, MS, RN, AGACNP-BC, Division of Plastic Surgery, Northwell Health 
Constantine Venetopoulos,Film Director, “Draw With Me” 
David Whitehead, MD, Division of Plastic Surgery, Northwell Health

see a video of the panel discussion here: