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Albania's Rama: The drones from Turkey are ready and armed for any situation, even for war

Featured Albania's Rama: The drones from Turkey are ready and armed for any situation, even for war

The Albanian government has signed an agreement with Turkey for the purchase of Bayraktar drones, and so the two sides' ... flirtation has ended in marriage. But politics make for strange bedfellows and foreign relations even more so.

"We have signed an export contract for the armed BayraktarTB2 UAV with Albania," Baykar Technologies said on Twitter. The number of countries to which the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 combat drone is exported has increased to 27, according to the company.

Haluk Bayraktar, chief executive of Baykar and brother of Selçuk, son-in-law of the Turkish president, said on Twitter: "We have signed an export contract with Albania, a country we have walked with for centuries and share strong historical, cultural and humanitarian ties."

He also shared photos from the signing ceremony.

"Drones ready and armed for any event, even for war

"Signing of the agreement for the purchase of the fleet of Bayraktar drones, the highest flight technology for military, police and civilian missions, in the context of national security, the fight against crime and illegal cultivation of hashish, political emergencies, defense territories and the collection of geographic information" wrote Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama for his part.

According to Albanian media, during the conference to sign the agreement, Rama thanked Turkey for the drones while calling this a very good day for the two countries and the Armed Forces.

"I am very happy […] and I want to thank President Erdogan, whose contribution has been decisive in this process. We are proud that together with Turkey we are on the right side, aligned in the Euro-Atlantic alliance of NATO" he pointed out.

"The three drones that will come first will be armed and ready for any event, when and where they are needed, and I hope it never happens, but we don't live in very safe times," Rama noted, adding that in the event of a national security threat they would they are ready for war.

The drones, according to Rama, will be ready for a full range of activities that will be quite beneficial for good governance in the country, for the rule of law, for securing property and similarly for people who may be at risk due to political situations. protection and emergency.