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Cyprus Plans New Missing Persons Identification Lab

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Cyprus' Committee on Missing Persons is currently determining who will facilitate its new genetic laboratory, to identify the island's missing citizens.

CMP member Nestoras Nestoras confirmed the act to CNY, and commented that Bosnia Herzegovina's laboratory contract will finalize on July 6th. A new laboratory will be selected before the contract's expiration date. Nestoras spoke of a new working method that strives to identify the missing in a faster way.

The CMP wishes to facilitate a three-year protocol that will enhance productivity levels by 30%. Additionally, the Committee is reexamining missing individuals that have not yet been located. Nestoras described how better procedures regarding the Anthropological Laboratory and the exhumations process will be assessed.

Currently there are approximately 180 case waiting for anthropological examinations. The genetic laboratory in Bosnia Herzegovina has additional cases that don't contain results yet as well. Currently, 395 Greek Cypriots and 125 Turkish Cypriots have been successfully identified.