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Greek & Albanian EEZ Agreement Investigated by Tirana

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Tirana's prosecutor's office has began an investigation regarding the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) agreement between Greece and Albania, according to reports.

The Ionian Sea agreement's creation was originally ratified in 2009. Yet, the Albanian Constitutional Court revoked the accord, due to acts by the nation's current Prime Minister Edi Rama, as reported by Kathimerini.

This May, Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati launched a probe by the public prosecutor, stating that Albanian delegates had performed illegal acts, and offered them proof.

However, previous Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha who now serves as the Democratic Party chief, signed the initial agreement. There is widespread speculation that the present examination is politically driven.

In February, Foreign Minister Bushati stated of the EEZ agreement: "We have the will to look to the future and discuss the issue on the basis of the fundamental principles of international law and on the basis of mutual interest" during his travels in Athens.