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International Greek Teachers Complete Training Seminar in Thessaloniki

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Yesterday afternoon, Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Kyriakos Gerontopoulos granted certificates to Greek teachers who hail from the Soviet Union's former republics.

More than 60 instructors from Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan who are Greek, just completed a training seminar offered by the Foreign Ministry in Thessaloniki, where they were recognized, as reported by ANA-MPA.

It was provided by the General Secretariat for Overseas Greeks (GSOG) and the Centre of Greek Language on methodologies of teaching Greek as a foreign or second language in Thessaloniki.

The Greek language instructors came to the nation's second largest city last week, where they were received by the Minister of Macedonia-Thrace, who organized a dinner for them.

GSOG delegate Eva Papadatou commented that it was imperative to back the 250 Greek teachers in the former Soviet Union region, and stated that their received stipends are very tiny.