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NBG Receives General Hold Recommendation

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Ten financial rating agencies have granted the National Bank of Greece with a "Hold" consensus recommendation, that are currently assessing its stock, according to Analyst Ratings Network.

Six equities reasearch analysts have rated it as a buy recommendation, two analysts have ranked NBG's stock with a sell recommendation, and two have considered it as a hold recommendation. The average twelve-month figure goal within brokers, that have assessed the stock over the last year is at $99.00.

Citigroup Inc. analysts gave NBG shares a recent upgrade to "buy" from "neutral". Renaissance Capital analysts recently upgraded its shares to "buy" from "sell". Goldman Sachs analysts determined a "buy" rating.

On Friday, NBG shares traded at 1.17% in the amount of $3.39. Its trading volume held 1,248,445 shares. The financial institution's one year high was determined at $6.48, while its one year low was at $2.90.

NBG stock holds $4.07 regarding its 200-day moving average and $3.32 for its 50-day moving average. The National Bank of Greece holds a P/E ratio of 4.12 and a market cap at $11.976 billion.