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IMF denies meeting on Greece

The International Monetary Fund's spokesman denied rumors that a meeting to discuss the Greek debt was set in Washington, DC for November.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) will continue with the Greek programme even after the completion of its European partners' participation in it, William Murray, IMF’s deputy spokesman, said.

The Fund’s spokesman, speaking to reporters, said that no meeting to discuss the Greek debt in Washington, DC has been scheduled for November. Responding to reporters’ questions on whether a summit in Washington in November will discuss the Greek debt, Murray said: “It is not true. There is no meeting in November for the Greek debt”, while he said he was unaware whether the IMF has asked for such a summit.

Commenting on a forthcoming arrival of the troika to Greece, in the framework of the sixth assessment of the Greek economic programme, Murray stressed it will be by late September, adding that no specific date has been set, while he said he could say whether Poul Thomsen would part of the IMF delegation.

“I cannot tell you about the Troika. The Fund has a programme with Greece until early 2016. We are focusing on the work we have to do regardless of the structure and form that the troika would have. This is something between the Greeks and European politicians,” the IMF spokesman said.

Murray reiterated there was a framework of discussion agreed with Europe to “safeguard the sustainability of Greek debt” and to offer any additional lightening of the burdennecessary in order to bring the debt to 124% of GDP by 2020, on condition that Greece continued to implement its commitments. He added that the debt sustainability issue was discussed during each assessment.