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Greece Authorizes National Land Registry

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During a meeting that was attended by the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change Yiannis Maniatis and Deputy Minister of Development Odysseas Konstantinopoulos, it was confirmed that the establishment of the National Land Registry has been authorized.

Initial contracts were ratified and funding amounts to 114 million euros, while the National Land Registry is set to be achieved by 2020.  Following the meeting, Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change Yiannis Maniatis stated:

"We start with the first 114 million euros. The National Land Registry enters into an implementation orbit, as in the next few weeks the first contracts will be signed with contractors. Most biggest major project of the country, following the launch a month ago, of the first two Definite Cadastral Offices in Thessaloniki and Piraeus, now turns another page with the start of the final phase of implementation.

Greece opens pace for creating the most modern Land Registry in Europe. The Greek citizen and very soon every investor can have confidence and certainty for any interference or investment in this area. We protect the environment, highlight the public lands, keep an eye on the decisions at all levels of power associated with the earth and space.

The largest administrative reform in the country, the establishment of an integrated, modern cadastral information system, for the sustainable and continuous development of the environmental, is becoming a reality".