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Greece Holds Stable 3 Month T-Bill Yield

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1.3 billion euros of three-month Treasury bills were sold today in Greece.

According to the nation's debt firm PDMA, the revenues were valued at a 2.70% yield, which was unaltered from its past March 11th sale. Its bid-cover ratio was marked at 1.30, mirroring the previous sale.

Revenues raised encompassed non-competitive bids of 300 million euros, while the settlement is set for March 20th. Greece's EU and IMF creditors have enacted a 15 billion dollar ceiling that has already been marked, while the nation has requested an increase on its outstanding T-bills. However, its demand has been rejected.

A Greek governmental spokesperson confirmed that Prime Minister Alexis Tspiras will address the liquidity concern on the sidelines of the Brussels Summit, that is in session this week. The European Central Bank has declined to boost the limit on the Hellenic Republic's short-term debt issuance.

(Source: Reuters)