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China's Rising Greek Investment Plans

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Today, China's Ambassador to Greece Zou Xiaoli, called upon his nation's corporate sector to invest in his host country.

Xiaoli made his remarks at the 3rd Greek-Chinese Business Conference in Athens, focusing on the ideal geographical location, regarding export distribution to all European countries. The Chinese Ambassador requested that investors travel to Greece and analyze looming investment options.

China began to consistently invest in Greece in 2009, when the Cosco group arrived in Piraeus. As reported by the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE) Vice President Panayiotis Athanasopoulos, within the past three years, Greek exports to China have been generating a yearly growth rate of 40%, that amounted to over 420 million euros in 2013, while Chinese imports to Greece have risen to over 2.2 billion euros annually.

Additionally, Chinese tourism rates to Greece have increased by 202%, between 2008 to 2013. Athanasopoulos commented that a direct flight between Athens and Beijing, established in 2011, has boosted Chinese tourist levels. The 3rd Greek-Chinese Business Conference in Athens finished with a cooperation agreement ratification, for the strengthening and promotion of Greek-Chinese trade relations and investments.