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Suddenly Athens will be filled with pianos in parks and squares - What virtuosos and masters are preparing

Featured Suddenly Athens will be filled with pianos in parks and squares - What virtuosos and masters are preparing

Piano City Athens is the first festival that happens literally all over the city, dozens of pianos come out of conservatories and halls, literally on the street.

Having inspired thousands of people in Berlin, New York, Madrid, Milan and other metropolises, Piano City® became an institution in Athens as well.

Pianos in parks and squares
A festival that is organized through an innovative process that includes agencies, artists, clubs, music networks, foundations.

In Piano City Athens the music does not wait for the public, but spreads in parks and squares, in people's homes and in unconventional spaces. The sounds of the piano diffuse and change the entire cityscape. Piano City Athens, through music, brings together people of all ages and interests on a very personal level.

What will happen at Piano City Athens 202

It will take place in May with 100 piano concerts
Piano concerts in public and private spaces
In parks, squares, pedestrian streets, at the airport, at the port, in museums, embassies, hospitals, conservatories, schools, cafes, theaters, galleries, institutions, hotels, companies, or simply in the middle of the street
House concerts - Piano virtuosos and amateurs, selected by the artistic committee, will open their homes and hearts to the general public. They will demonstrate their skill and talent by giving small piano concerts in their homes with a repertoire ranging from classical to contemporary.

In this festival, people don't go to the hall, but the piano goes out into the stree

The story of the open piano festival

Piano City® was started by Andreas Kern, an artist and visionary from Berlin, Germany. His idea brings people from all over the world together through music. With Berlin as its starting point, its concept shows us that every city is a place where music and culture are appreciated, supported and enjoyed not only on an international level, but also on a wide private level.