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Protergia Announces Upcoming Retail Market Structuring

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Today, Mytilineos Group member Protergia announced its upcoming electricity retail market structuring, that will provide household and enterprise contracts.

The business's household consumption rate now stands at 0.0945 euros per kWh unaffected by total consumption, which will be adjusted each month, regarding cost progresses.

Public Power Corporation's residential rate currently stands at 0.07793 euros per kWh for consumption of 0-8000 kWh, 0.0946 euros for consumption of 801-2,000 kWh and 0.10252 euros for consumption of over 2,001 kWh. Additionally, Protergia will grant evening electricity discounts and rates, or a gradual guarantee return to loyal customers, with the monthly issuance of bills.

Greek retail market independent electricity energy supplier's share is at 2.0% right now. Protergia Managing Director Dinos Benroubi predicted that this figure will experience a double digit increase, over the next three years. The total power of Protergia is 1,200 MW and uses natural gas.