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Greece Holds Largest Universal Merchant Fleet Capacity

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Clarksons, the global premier provider of integrated shipping services, has ranked Greece first, regarding international merchant fleet capacities.

Hellenic vessel owners currently maintain ships with a total flotilla of 164 million tons. The nation now precedes Japan, who holds 159.4 million tons. Greece had remained in the second ranking for the last ten years.

Currently, the nation places third in the total number of ships, following Japan and China. Greece contains 4,984, while Japan holds 8,537 and 6,427 are in China's control. These statistics confirm that Greek crafts are generally larger than its main competitors.

In its analysis, Clarksons noted that Greece performed conservatively in the shipping sector, between 2004 to 2010. In the last decade, Japan held the top spot, due to its large investments. However, Japanese investments resulted in major losses when hit with the credit catastrophe. In 2014's initial quarter, the Hellenic shipping industry invested approximately 5 billion euros in contemporary vessels.