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Public Revenue Department Issues 2014-2017 Strategic Plan

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Today, the Greek Public Revenues General Secretariat offered its 2014-2017 strategic plan, which aims to promote taxpayer's payments on time, a reduction in past tax debts, the diminishment of the black economy, conquering tax avoidance and evasion, improving the tax administration and controlling corruption.

Secretary General Haris Theoharis delivered the plan, and described that the action wants to collect 2.0 billion euros from past tax debts, a 25% collection of new overdue taxes, an accumulation of 30.9 billion euros in pre-turn taxes by tax bureaus, and a delivery of 12.1 billion euros in pre-return taxes from the customs department.

The Secretary General also explained the plan's goals of vast tax regulations on the rich and businesses, as well as efforts to enhance the tax administration's efficiency. This includes modernizing the IT sector, identifying corruption and advancing a code of ethics, bettering the forced debt collection mechanism and further developing tax control efficiency.

Monday's Public Revenue report confirmed that 181 tax controls had been finalized, regarding wealthy citizens and companies in total this year. Over 45 million euros in fines have been imposed on guilty parties.