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KEPE Predicts Greek GDP Growth

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A report released today by the Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE), predicted that the nation's real Gross Domestic Product will enlarge at a yearly rate of about 0.5% in 2014.

In its analysis, KEPE stated that the estimated figure marks 2014 as a transitional economic period for Greece, as it exits its recession. Hellenic recovery reveals concrete advancements regarding balanced public monetary figures, a secure financial sector, concrete structural corrections, and competitiveness enhancements. These factors have resulted in the growth of the national economic environment and Greece's validity.

KEPE forecasted Greek economic growth in 2014's second quarter, at a 0.1% growth rate. The third quarter is thought to bring a 1.0% growth rate as well, while the fourth quarter of the year has been determined at 1.4%.

The Centre of Planning and Economic Research believes the state's real GDP may additionally develop, due to investment recovery. However, the agency stated that risks prevail, including the Ukrainian crisis and domestic activities that may defer structural reforms.