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Finance Minister Stournaras Backs Performance-Based Salaries

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Today, Hellenic Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras supported the increase of civil service incomes, regarding performance goals in a Greek Parliamentary document.

Stournaras' decision was made as the result of being questioned by independent deputies Nikos Nikolopoulos and Yiannis Kourakos, concerning if the Finance Ministry's Revenue General Secretary Haris Theoharis gains bonuses. The Finance Minister stated that this method could stimulate state employees to add productivity to their workdays.

When responding to the query about Theoharis, Stournaras confirmed that the Revenue General Secretary does not earn bonuses. Yet, he can gain one if the monetary sector's revenue targets advance, upon approval by the Finance and Administrative Reform Ministers. The Finance Minister stated that the General Secretary earns a 4,750 euro monthly salary.