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Social Dividend Cap Raised

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The Hellenic government confirmed its decision today to heighten the yearly income cap for one-off social dividend beneficiaries, to 7,050 from 6,000 euros.

The mandate occurred at a General Accounting Office meeting held by Alternate Finance Minister Christos Staikouras, Deputy Labour Minister Vassilis Kegeroglou, Finance Ministry General Secretary for Public Revenues Haris Theocharis and PASOK delegates.

The financial alteration is predicted to allow for 300,000 additional recipients, and 40,000 young unemployed citizens. According to ANA-MPA, previously rejected applicants will be reanalyzed based on their 2013 income to determine if they qualify under the new protocols, along with new submissions before the end of June.

For each child or spouse that an applicant has, the monetary requirement will rise by one-sixth and one-third, respectively. There were 204,000 qualified households under the old protocols by May 10th and 115,000 by June 10th.