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Greece Scrambles to Fulfill Troika Mandates

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The Greek government is urgently trying to fulfill the initial six troika mandates, so the nation can receive its 1 billion euro relief package, before the scheduled July 7th Eurogroup meeting in Brussels.

After the meeting, Finance Minister Gikas Harouvels will host troika leaders in Athens for the week of July 8th. Members include IMF's Poul Thomsen, EU Commission's Declan Costello and ECB's Klaus Masuch.

During their Athenian consultations, the financial leaders are predicted to center on the twelve actions administered on Greece, budget execution and sector wages. Thomsen and Costello will announced troika's plans at an Economist Conference held in Athens on July 9th and 10th, that includes Hardouvelis and European Stability Mechanism leader Klaus Regling.