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PPC Privatization Brings Nationwide Power Strikes

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Today brought a nationwide rolling power strike across Greece, in response to the government's plan to privatize the state's major PPC electricity company.

Greece's power allocator DEDDIE sated that one-hour halts would be scheduled starting from noon in various regions of the mainland, with 13 PPC production plants participating in the protest. Unionists of the company confirmed rolling 48-hour strikes, in response to the administration's call for partial privatization of PPC under economic rescue protocols.

If Greece is to qualify for EU and IMF monetary assistance, PPC privatization must occur. The new plan concerns a 30% private company control of PPC that includes hydroelectric and lignite mines, natural gas and lignite-fired electricity plants. Greece has also promised international lenders that it will dispossess 17% of PPC shares by 2015's end.