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Troika Completes Brief Greek Analysis

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The Greek Finance Ministry confirmed that troika leaders have finalized their brief analysis of the nation's progress, regarding its bailout and will return to Athens for a complete review in September, according to reports.

An unnamed Finance Ministry delegate described, "We had constructive talks, they wanted to take stock of where we are in terms of the [bailout] program. We decided to start our next review in September", as reported by ekathimerini.

Topics of this week's discussion focused on structural reforms, privatization efforts, and nonperforming loans. Greece still needs to complete six troika mandates before it receives its next 1 billion euro aid package.

Currently the country has only finished one protocol; partial PPC privatization. The Finance Ministry delegate added, "August will be a month of tough work for us, there is a list of issues that we need to speed up...There are a few remaining milestones".