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Germany has killed the EU

Mr. Schaeuble is obviously reveling, in playing the role of the "all-mighty" German who not only can "punish" Greek interlocutors, but can also ridicule the European Union.

Mr. Schaeuble is now sticking out his tongue at those Europeans, particularly the French, who once naively believed, that there could be a post-war reconstruction of a destroyed Germany towards a peaceful "unification" of Europe and the German side completely healed of its obsessions.

Now, Mr Schauble, arrogant and impudent, politically short sighted, dominated by the new German nationalism, which sprang forth after the integration of the two Germanys, 15 years ago, and reflected in the historical mistake of France in the Treaty of Maastricht, now without pretense scorns any concept of a "United" Europe. Thus he is exercising a very ease show of force forcing a showdown against Greece.

This flagrant disregard for a Union based on consensus and democratically arrived at solutions has crippled any chance at a closer federation that would eventually lead to a powerful economic and geo-strategic block.

The European Union no longer exists. It's just a specter. What is left is, once again, a German vision of a Europe united by force (economic now) in German service as Goebbels and eminent economic factors of Hitler's Germany planned and analyzed publicly, during those dark years.

And worse may follow...