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Greece: Don't say things can't get any worse

Yet another day, under the SYRIZANEL coalition government's eerie system, has dawned for Greeks with a complete overturning and the abolition of the Karamanlis line on the FYROM name issue.

NATO invited FYROM to join the Alliance without any reactions from Tsipras and Kammenos. In essence this is no longer about a loaded gun, but about a bullet that has left the barrel.
Johannes Hahn has revealed that there are secret talks with Albania on border issues without the political world being informed, and with president Pavlopoulos dealing with christening the babies of distant relatives, and friends of friends. Others in his position, persons who justified their role (such as Kostis Stafanopoulos,) would have convened the Council of Party Chiefs.
The moral advantage of Rania Antonopoulos (who quit when it was found that although wealthy she was also receiving a rent stipend from the State) was redcovered by the Tsipras government, and she was chosen to represent Greece at an international organization in order to cover her losses from state allowances.
While Scourletis had committed to holding the local, parliamentary and Euro-elections  at different dates, they now seem to be planning to hold them simultaneously in order to ensure chaos.
Ah! And the icing on the cake: The "clean exit" touted by PM Pinnochio has become "enhanced oversighte" by the Commission. Such was the extent of  overthrowing the Memoranda. Alexis has taken care to to plunge us deeper into the abyss that Greece has entered since he and his partner Panos took office in 2015.
And don't say things can't get any worse!