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Kotzias post resignation speech reveals how dangerous he is for Greece

The speech of the former Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias in Crete, after his resignation, at a gathering of the "PRATTO" movement that he set up and with which he made a political alliance with SYRIZA.

The speech was anticipated with interest. However, the former FM did not avoid several blunders.

Here is are a few notes to his references and our comments:

"The size of the territorial sea area we have prepared - the presidential decrees are ready - is bigger than that of Thessaly," said Kotzias, and responding to the objections of the reporters he said: "We enlarged Greece for the first time since 1948, this is what μακεσ the followers of inertia squeal. "

The use of the word "squeal" was extremely unfortunate, as it confirms those who call him arrogant. But this is not the point. Without apparently realizing it, he becomes a danger for Greek foreign policy despite its undisputed skills and knowledge.

And this, as he fails to recognize the relevance of his opinions and the constant risk, that any mistake can lead to very serious consequences. In addition, and because of his "messianic" perception of Greek foreign policy he believes that he knows what is good of the country and deep down he believes we are all stupid and he is enlightened.

We beg his pardon but this is not how foreign policy is conducted in in a serious state. If he does not believe that the state is serious, he should explain what he did to rectify the situationt from the position he found himself in and ensure that he decorously publicized his opinions and to blame, without malice, those who preceded him through inaction.

It is no secret that there are two "schools of thought" on the issue of the expansion of Greek territorial waters, perhaps three, because there are some who did not want the slightest change and want limits to remain at 6 nautical miles.

Even assuming that Kotzias was right, he is not allowed to take over the choice without consulting or informing anyone in the rest of the political spectrum. Tsipras did not concern himself and left him a blank check, accepting the analyses that the Foreign Minister was handling.

It is certain that he would be very much concerned if he had heard in time the argument that we indirectly accept the Turkish position that the Aegean is a sea of ​​"special circumstances" and that is a criminal ommission, which we will find lying ahead.

Referring to the issue of FYROM, he wondered: "Do we want a partition of the neighboring country, as some people want - and I will speak when the time comes - or peaceful coexistence and development in the Balkans?". Referring to the nomenclature, he said that in the vote, it was stressed that FYROM (which dozens of states in the world call "Macedonia") is changing its name to "Northern Macedonia".

Again more of the same. Yes, there is a school of thought that believes that any damage to Greece from the dissolution of Skopje will be greater than what is going on today and is "playing" on the idea of the irreplaceability of FYROM on the geostrategic chessboard of the region.

With regard to "inertia". Especially Kotzias should understand that after decades they are still longing for the acceptance of FYROM by Greece, although it has been recognized by some 180 countries worldwide with its constitutional name, reveals that without Greece a real solution could not to exist.

And History, could attribute to a smart and skilled foreign minister the role of a "useful idiot". Unless he did so consciously, and this would change characterizations, depending on the interpretation.

Referring to secret funds, he reiterated: "PRATTO will demand that there be a official committee for the checking of secret funds of the Foreign Ministry, and the same committee should also look into the other ministries". "We sent 93 cases to Justice. Some went to jail. When some people sell visas in Constantinople they are criminals, "he said.

Do all these impressive declarations and that secret fund expenditure cost less than 25,000 euros? Is the revelation that the amounts below this sum were handled as Mr Kotzias pleased, as did the Department of National Defense? And in a variety of ways, they are reported to have been distributed in sums of 2,000 and 3,000 euros, even monthly, to his good political friends?

If this is the case, it will be a scandal and many will have to go to jail but also return the money if it is not proven that these actions were for the benefit of the country.

"Public life is flooded with fake news," said Nikos Kotzias.

We would like Mr Kotzias tell us how he defines "fake news". Because journalists are again saying that the friendly members of the "Kotzia" system had privileged information, while those who sometimes criticized him, had none, and they were forced to rely on other "peripheral" sources.

Referring to his resignation, he pointed out: "When I see that government and foreign policy are undermined, in my opinion, I undertake my responsibilities and stand opposite. When the left-wing co-operated with Mitsotakis people spit on me for months on the road. Do you know what I've been through?

And they also call me a chair [i.e. office] lover. Charilaos Florakis told me "where are you going Nikos? We are ready to make you a minister." And I told him that I did not become a member of the Left to co-govern with Mitsotakis."

Impressive some might say. How ridiculous this must sound to the ears of a young person who has been dismayed by the post-modern Neo-Hellenic political environment, when a man who has been linked to the whole of the world for advancing Greek national interests, rehashing stereotypes of the 1980s as personal positions in an insidious reflection of today's reality, as again a Mitsotakis is claiming power.

Correct us if we are wrong, but "collective responsibility" is a fascist - Nazi-based concept, so its indirect use by a man who wants to be known as an intellectual is a fall into a tragic trap. It shows that he has remained in past decades that shaped his character and personality. A man unable to enter into a new era.