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"As Greek As It Gets" Shoots on Mykonos & Manhattan

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Greek-Australian screenwriters and executive producers Helene and Peter Paroulakis have teamed up with Little Studio Films to present As Greek As It Gets.

The romantic comedy is set on Mykonos and Manhattan and centers around dreams and love, combined with a mistaken identity. Helene and Peter are a father and daughter team who wrote the storyline that depicts the chronicles of a Greek-American man who travels to Mykonos to fulfill his dream of becoming a famous ship owner and masquerades as one, while trying to win the heart of the girl of his dreams.

The movie's facebook page describes its plot as:

"Mike Metaxas looks like a Greek Adonis and has big dreams of one day becoming like his hero – shipping legend Aristotle Onassis. Meantime he's sweating it out, flipping burgers at his family's Greek deli in NYC.

But life suddenly turns upside down when he meets and falls for the beautiful Sarah Fairbanks at an exclusive Long Island party and to impress her he pretends to be a famous shipowner, Pavlos Demakis. To keep up with the lies and in an attempt to put his dream into action, he has to grab the next plane to the Greek island of Mykonos to buy a mothballed ferry boat and turn it into a money making venture.

When Sarah dumps her two-timing fiancé Brad and hotfoots to Mykonos Mike runs smack bang into a wall of hilarious complications as he tries to keep up the charade and win Sarah's heart as well as make a name for himself in the shipping world."

As Greek As It Gets is expected for release this year and features both American and Greek actors. Its teaser can be viewed below.