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Anna Vissi Comments on Being a Grandmother

Translation By Lisa Darilis

Anna Vissi comments on her experience of watching her daughter Sofia give birth, and on her new role as a grandmother.

"It is beautiful to be a grandmother, as long as you are not defeated by your age. There shouldn't be fear in aging...The birth of my grandson came beautifully and naturally. He is a gift for me, and not a threat." she expressed. Vissi went on to describe how she felt being at her daughter's side, as she gave birth to her grandchild.

She states "I observed childbirth from up close for the first time. I didn't give birth naturally, so I didn't personally experience it. It was clearly more intense, as I now saw it happening to my daughter. I couldn't stop talking about it afterwards...It was a huge experience for me. I will never forget it...Once I saw that the procedure went well, and that my daughter was safe, I was able to calm down. I couldn't consciously do anything. I was just acting silly and laughing. Then we all cried. It is the most beautiful form of crying you can experience in your life. I have cried other times... When I gave birth I was very emotional. But, this happiness is twofold, when your child gives birth to their own baby."

Anna Vissi also admits for the first time "Sofia is a wonderful mother. She has a natural disposition towards her child. She is breastfeeding, which is a beautiful and bewitching thing. It's as if she's done it before. I too would have had this if I were there. I am good with babies, I have a connection with being motherly and protective. Already I feel that Sofia is a better mother of me."