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Greek of the Week Features Designer & DJ Matheos Sprague (Video Below)

New Greek TV's featured Greek of the Week is high-end designer and popular DJ Matheos Sprague.

The extremely talented Greek-American sat down with New Greek TV's President Yanna Darilis and discussed dressing Princess Diana, mixing beats with Anna Vissi, and creating complete collections for top designers.

Sprague currently serves as the Creative Director for Izod and True Religion Brand Jeans. A complete segment of their interview can be seen at the very bottom of this page.

Yanna Darilis: You do so many wonderful things, can you tell us about working with so many top designers after graduating from Parsons The New School for Design?

Matheos Sprague: I was very fortunate that they chose me and I always wanted to go to Europe. When Escada chose me to go to Munich, I was able to do just that. It was a great experience because I was able to design the whole collection right from the beginning, not just one category-all the way from couture to casual wear. I love mixing casual with luxury.

Yanna Darilis: When you work for such top labels, do they give you the direction or do they say give me what you got?

Matheos Sprague: That's what was so great about working from the beginning with such a company, because I came up with the concepts from the beginning from color, all the way to the final product, to the fashion show, while making sure everything is perfect. I think about what relates to the brand which is very important, because for example Escada and Tommy Hilfiger are very different.

Yanna Darilis: You are also talented in music, can you discuss your music career?

Matheos Sprague: I was DJing and mixing when I was in High School, then I went to Parsons and just focused on fashion. When I got back from Germany I was working for Tommy Hilfiger. I started going to the studio and realizing I could do some fun stuff. I started mixing some Greek music with New York hip hop and some rebetika, just for fun.

I had the pleasure of meeting Patricia Field and I gave her one of my Greek-New York mix CDs and she loved it and had me DJ one of her parties in New York. I hadn't DJ-ed since High School so I just played stuff that I mixed in the studio and it got a great reaction and was so much fun. From then on, I DJ-ed a lot of Patricia's parties. I was able to meet Anna Vissi through Pat, and we did a production together which was great.

Yanna Darilis: You are an artist in every respect; you also had the honor of dressing and working with Princess Diana?

Matheos Sprague: That was amazing. At the time I had just done an elephant safari group, with sketching the print and designing the whole collection. Princess Diana loved it and wore it. It became a bit of a controversy because she was only supposed to wear British designers at the time. I came across images of her wearing the outfit, which was great.

Yanna Darilis: How was working with Princess Diana?

Matheos Sprague: She was very, very nice. I only met her once but it was a totally different world.

Yanna Darilis: What inspires you when you design?

Matheos Sprague: I look at things that are not so typical. Sometimes in my travels, if I see some interesting color mix of architecture, that inspires me. I also look at the future, but it's always important to remember the classics and what people will really wear. I admire avant-garde designers a lot and it's really, really fun. You really have to think of what the women or the man is really going to wear.

Yanna Darilis: What do you think a label needs to become successful?

Matheos Sprague: It needs sort of a pyramid effect. I remember Tommy taught me that. It's just very common sense. The top of the pyramid is very eye catching, editorial looks that will really stand out. The middle is the more fashionable and current, and the base of your company is the basics of what people will really buy.

Yanna Darilis: You have the luxury of designing for both men and women, where do you see fashion today? How are people dressing?

Matheos Sprague: One thing that is important is quality. In this day and age, people want to wear it for many times or it's regarding price. I think value for your money is really the name of the game right now.

Yanna Darilis: Can you tell us about your background?

Matheos Sprague: I was born in Texas but raised all over the place; I was kind of an army brat. My mom is from Thessaloniki and still lives there so I am fortunate to have such a strong, great Greek mother and roots. Thessaloniki and New York are where I consider my home.

Yanna Darilis: Can you give a message to all of the aspiring artists?

Matheos Sprague: Do what you love because eventually things will happen. As long as you are happy doing what you want to do, that's what you should do.

The full on-air interview can be seen at the very bottom of this page.


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