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Pregnant 41 year old murdered by partner for money

Featured Pregnant 41 year old murdered by partner for money

The shocking revelations about the murder of the 41-year-old pregnant Georgia Mourati from Thessaloniki are causing shock and disgust. The Police identified her partner and a friend of hs as the killers.

The motive for the murder, however, is said to have been financial. It has not been clarified the amount for which everything happened, nor what exactly they wanted to do. To rob Georgia? To steal the keys from Georgia to rob her father's house? It is also not yet clear who owed money to the other.

However, the authorities come to the conclusion that it was a planned crime, a trap that her partner had set together with his friend in Georgia.

The authorities managed to identify the perpetrators having at their disposal the confession of the friend as well as a lot of evidence, as well as videos that have recorded the movements of the two defendants as murderers.

Georgia's partner does not confess to his act and insists that whatever he has to say he will tell the investigator.

According to the same information, one is allegedly blaming the other.

Information from police sources states that the partner claims he just wanted to stage a robbery to get his money back from Georgia.

Specifically, according to information, he maintains that he and his friend had decided to rob Georgia's parental home. So, when she would go to her partner's house, they would stop her and take her father's keys, where they knew that the victim's mother has 5,000 euros. Something went wrong and she was murdered, according to what her partner allegedly claims in his version.

The partner's friend claims that everything that happened was completely organized, that they had decided to stage a robbery because Georgia's partner owed him money, and that way he would get the money and she would not know that her partner owed money. Describing the crime, he says he injured Georgia by hitting her in the neck, then her partner knocked her down and laid her on the bed.

Experienced police officers consider that both claims are unfounded and conclude that the motivation of the perpetrators was money.

According to information, the police authorities, having at their disposal all the evidence from the preliminary investigation, estimate that at around 10 in the evening the partner picked Georgia up from her work and accompanied her to his house. There, once inside, as they had allegedly preplanned earlier, his friend allegedly assaulted Georgia. Her partner allegedly handcuffed her and covered her mouth with duct tape. They then took her to the bedroom and murdered her with a sharp object, probably a knife, by slitting her throat.

Then they put her body in a trunk and discarded it in a deserted area, while afterwards they washed the house and threw evidence of the crime in various parts of Kalamaria in Thessaloniki. They even threw away the mattress on which they murdered Georgia Muratis and replaced it with a new one. The mattress was however located, on which bloodstains were found.

The next morning Georgia's partner sent the two messages from her mobile phone - one to his own number and the other to her mother - and late at night she was reported missing.