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John Stamos Initiates "Full House" Reunion Plans

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It has been reported that Warner Brothers is contemplating a Full House reunion, with Greek-American heartthrob John Stamos initiating the plan.

The hit CBS series aired between 1987 to 1995, with Stamos playing Uncle Jesse Katsopoulos. Bob Saget played widowed father Danny Tanner, while Candace Cameron played oldest daughter DJ, Jodie Sweetin played middle daughter Stephanie, and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen played youngest daughter Michelle. Dave Coulier acted as Joey, Danny's best friend.  Its plot centered around a single father raising three daughters, with the help of his roomates that were his two best friends.

Stamos owns a portion of the rights to Full House and is collaborating with its original producers Jeff Franklin and Bob Boyett. Everyone appears to be on board with the reunion, except for the most famous cast mates, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.