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U.S. Embassy Athens Supports Animasyros International Animation Festival

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During the Animasyros International Animation Festival held on Syros, over 3,000 animation enthusiasts participated in the four-day event.

Supported by the U.S. Embassy in Athens, the Festival was attended by American animation specialists Mark Shapiro, who serves as LAIKA Animation Studios Marketing and Brand Manager, along with independent U.S. animator Nina Paley. This year marks the fifth year that the U.S. Embassy in Athens has backed the Festival.

The Festival opened with the European debut of the brand new motion picture "The Boxtrolls" by LAIKA, with over 500 viewers in a standing-room-only setting. During the event, Shapiro directed a workshop concerning the creation of "The Boxtrolls", for students and animators.

Paley offered her "Sita Sings the Blues" film during an open air screening set in the capital of Syros' town square. Her movie was a segment of a specialized tribute to Women in Animation, under the General Secretariat for General Equality, which showcased animation films with a special focus on serious issues, including domestic violence.